by Clara Berry

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released June 29, 2010

a big thanks to everyone who made this ep possible! on drums: Jesse Robichaud, on upright and electric bass: Elisabeth Toast Hodge, on viola: Theresa Cleary, on viola and cello: Michael Coelho, on saxophone: Jonathan Bousquet. thanks to Matt Iannotti, the recording engineer extraordinaire. another huge thanks to the following for helping out and showing their support for the project: Alex and Anne Ruthmann, Heidi Feinstein, life alive!, Susan Bradford, Audrey Williamson, James Singleton, Lara and Kyla Goss, Drew Hooke, Alessandra Cecala, Jon Reagan, Seth Bailin, Brett Apitz, Ianna Hondros-McCarthy, and Zoe Baker. I would also like to thank my parents for supporting all my endeavors, my sister, Lydia, for her support and for the awesome artwork, and my friends, family, and fans who have helped so much in making this come together!



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Clara Berry Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Corner Child
Oom da doom doom da ah
Oom da doom doom da ah
Oom da doom doom da
Oom da doom doom da
Oom da doom doom da ah

Standing in the corner you will find
I was always right there by your side
'Till you realized who walked in

Though you resisted and denied
It was no use for at last you did subside
'Till the time came to meet me there

Hey, Hey, Hey

Well a word to the wise
He might just find you
Yes a word to the wise
He might just find you
Yes a word to the wise
He might just find you anyway

Hey, Hey, Hey

Onwards unto the morning sun
'Till the tide turns and I'm the only one
Left to stand here and face you dear

Onwards as if it not begun
Like the clock turned, and we're the only ones
Standing, standing dear.

Oom da doom doom da ah.
Track Name: Siren
just because you're feeling low and I am here
does not mean I
want to be your picture perfect damsel, dear
who licks your wounds and
asks you of your battle scars for how could I know
how they are incurred
I'm just a maiden, sadly waitin' for your
heart to slowly turn

but I've seen one too many
warriors like you
men who wait for paint by numbers
pictures to themselves imbue

I come from the sea
but your dame I'll not be
for I am, the wounds of which you'll speak

and she may wait patiently
but mystery does intrigue
and singing my song above the tide you come

dawning your red jacket
indicating status of a captain
master of the seas but stranger
to my creature kind

maiden of brine
mistress of sea weed

aimless men
come to my bed
to lie

and if escape
you try to make
beware that I come from the sea
Track Name: Every Ounce
as you're pressing every ounce of me
into the curb into the street I pray
that your strength lies in your body weight
and you will never live to see me fade

a crack in the alignment
of our fragile dancing frames
allowed for something not quite now
to seep into our brains

conjuring a creature far more strange
than our minds alone could ever once create
I'm just a girl, who'd like for you to stay
I'm just a girl, who feels you coursing through my veins

perhaps I should accept the role
of nothing when they find they're full
and see no purpose staying any longer

perhaps the cards are stacked as such
my hopes will never quite be touched
by those who think I am for which they hunger

I'm just the girl, who'd like for them to stay
I'm just the girl, with the needle to my veins

but of course the spoken words weren't meant
on something else your heart is bent
I see

but loneliness inspired me
to peer inside however dangerously
Track Name: Bog Child
darling, oh darling, oh darling of mine
darling, oh darling, oh darling of mine

the child creeps closer he dances through the bog
he's nothing, if something, if anything at all
pulling you closer with each breath he takes
holding you tighter he makes no mistake

darling, oh darling

and if in his presence you falter or fade
beware of the cold, and the coming of grey
a breath from behind, hands from above
taking you in with a clasp for the bind

I, I find
you, you in the dark

darling, oh darling, oh darling of mine
Track Name: Suzanne's Lament
He talks of women in his sleep
you know that came before
reaching out to grasp each hand of theirs
'till finally he lands on yours

you feed him tea and oranges
pray he'll never find the door
as he's made to love each beauty
that should dock upon his shore

he's not the first
to see the river
nor the last by any means

he thinks that you're half crazy
and by that he is intrigued
but there's something in his eyes
that when you see it makes you bleed

his steady gaze it questions you
and feeds upon your charm
there's no solace in your mystery
as he takes you in his arms

you're just a girl
that he is loving

you answer all his questions
and you show him all his faults
and in your eyes he sees a secret
he's determined to unlock

and he thinks that you are leading him
to greater worlds foretold
and while you mean to tell him differently
you hope it won't unfold

that you are young
and just as knowing
as he will, ever be

masking your desire
you will stare into the wall
convinced no man will ever love you
though this creature
stares in awe

so you catch him on his wavelength
and you bring him to the ground
and you let him think you take him
to the places he has found

so long as someone
lies beside you
to hear the boats go by