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The Magician's Wife

by Clara Berry

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Air Traffic 02:47
air traffic control i'm coming down was waiting on your word flying round and round this may not be the best timing but the heavens are full and i need the ground air traffic control if you were in my place if you could feel my wings you too would fall from grace so blessings or not i'm coming down the heavens are full and i need the ground take off your oxygen masks and your life jackets please there'll be only pain if you survive the seas kiss your neighbor goodbye let go of your seats let go of your seats empty promises false words that you said come tumbling down from bins overhead limbs broken and scarred hearts opened and marred to find who we are they'll dismember our bones and take us apart take us apart take us apart take us apart let go of your seats let go of your seats
Your Moon 02:46
lo the green acre your father passed along to you and how my bones shake dear to think of how we used to use it yet nothin' i say is gonna change your mind pasting my pebbles to your moon darling my darling i don't know what to do running on running on
Boys 02:25
they are young a beautiful and everything is clean and the leaves at night don't rustle with the passing of a dream so hand me back that gun i've got a bone to pick with each and every one of them hand me back that gun i've gotta show them oh boy you better hold fast to your claim it's based upon your father's father's father's father's father's attitude oh boy it's your favorite shade of grey just because your father's father's father said it doesn't make it true that we are the weaker fairer sex and we devalue upon opening our legs they are young and beautiful and everything is clean and the leaves at night don't rustle with the passing of a dream
Go Slow 03:30
go slow bones are shaking all the old folks breaking up the new molds holmes you're older and i don't give a shit about the skin on your teeth hold me till the sun goes down on you i said hold me till the sun goes down on you cause it will follow, the night onwards to the night
reachin' for your arms again i find you at the pavement's end their curves as i'd remembered them a daisy coyly hidden in your sleeve but you'll not trick me this time with your handkerchief my dear for i am the magician's wife and to be fooled is my lot in life mumblin' incantations in my hand draw the curtain closed and be my man
i'll give you silence in the wake of the beast allow you to ponder these weapons i weep in the end its for nothing or so i'd like to think as i'm waving my daggers and torches and all-around unhappy things and it's a shame it's a pity that my wires are crossed that i blame you but can't quite condemn you and want you for it ever more
Stella 03:14
stella's slinking down the sidewalk the bad boys say they're gonna bring her back some day better run fast now better make your great escape on and on and on they whisper spiraling hope and spitting answers dear but like your tongue tied mothers and your paper plane fathers they will throw hearts away stella's slinkin' down the sidewalk the bad girls say she better figure out her place better run fast now better make your great escape pushing the pencils for grey hairing men that will smile at her kindly but never consider her their own does she remember her mother or forget where she came from the smell of his belt or the taste of his fist on her skin lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean on me
Miss Molly 02:12
don't be alarmed miss molly i was just wondering if you'd be coming back or if you'd keep on suffering cause see it's you whose word their eager ears are hanging on and see it's you whose lips they set their lonesome hearts upon don't be alarmed miss molly heads may turn but that's alright they cannot know that in your breast their grows an appetite they cannot know that you would easily cast them all aside they cannot know that in your wake a crouching tiger lies and you would turn them all away yes you would turn them all away from you oh you would turn them all away what will appease you
The Bad Guys 04:13
I was sneakin' into your garden late at night to see if the sapling that i had planted caught the blight that all of the maples in all the neighborhoods nearby had quietly succumbed to on the backdrop of the pale moonlight and while I was sneakin' into your garden late at night it caught my attention in the silhouetted dim lamplight that you were kissin somebody who was kissin back and it was not my reflection though I felt your lips upon my neck and i'm alone alone but rooted here with a leaf caught in my throat it's a fine line darling between what's wrong and what is right and sometimes the bad guys have not got evil plans in mind yes most times the bad guys are fellas just like you and i who didn't have their wits about them when the storm came rumblin at them did you now alone alone but rooted here with a leaf caught in my throat yes i'm alone alone but rooted here with a leaf caught in my throat
you come in sailboats that float on tears made of hope and drawn from fear you sail away till destiny calls you to her slender knee caught on sails of distant lies comes the wind of better times but upon the parting of this sea you find there really was no need fall in a little closer darling as far from the earth as it may seem together we'll make a softer landing so into this bottomless ravine we go, because there's really nothing you can do when this mountain crumbles for you crumbles for you


Produced by Bradford Swanson. Copyright Clara Berry 2013. All songs written by Clara Berry - phonoberry publishing - ASCAP

Thank you to everyone who made this album possible, especially to Brad Swanson who put in countless hours perfecting this project and teaching us an immeasurable amount. Many folks donated their time to make this happen and we could not be more grateful. On this album you’ll hear Joe O’Neill on drums & percussion, Elisabeth Hodge on bass, Liz Lawrence on pedal steel & baritone guitars, Jonathan Bousquet on saxophone, Jessica Davis on violin & viola, Jeremy Van Cleave, Eric Weiss & Chelsea White on violin, Allyn McCourt on viola, Alycia Barcelou & Sean McKenna on cello, Erin Morrill & Maria Price on trumpet, Kevin Green on french horn, and Liam Sheehy on tuba.

Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works in Cambridge. this album was recorded in the studios at The University of Massachusetts Lowell; special thanks to William Carman, Alex Case, Jeremy Houle, William Moylan, Alex Ruthmann, John Shirley, Dave Stipe, Justin Wall, Alan Williams, Amy Dinsmore and Mike Testa. Thanks to Assistant Engineers Nick Foudi, Kevin Green, AJ Johnson, Zach Robichaud, and Jamie Tagg.

We would be remiss if we did not thank our teachers: Thomas Stumpf, Tom K, Fred Buda, Jeff Fischer, John Kerr, & Joe Micarelli. Thanks to our families for their support and putting up with…a lot: Tom Berry, Gail Lynde, Lydia Berry, Phil & Gail O'Neill, Catherine O'Neill & Daniel Lundquist.

And last but not least our amazing supporters: Katey Anderson, John Arnos, Justin Baker, Melissa Baker, Zoë Baker, Marco Barber Grossi, Kenneth L. Barcelou, Steph Barrak, Colleen Berry Becker, Brian Berry & Beth Pavlicberry, Patrick Berry, Steve & Beverly Berry, Robert Blais, Deanna Champagne, Caroline Cotter, Cindy Crowley, Mike Effenberger, Jon Ericson, Christopher Forgione, Charlie Gaylord, Russ, Katie, Max & Jake Grazier, James Giddings, Jenny Hall, Steve & Sally Hoffman, Ianna Hondros-McCarthy, Matt Iannotti, Eleanor "Mimi" Languirand, Joe & Wendy Languirand, Julie & John Languirand, Stéphane Lasfargues, Kathy Lebrun, Josh, Melissa & Jack Lynde, Stan & Laura Lynde, Patrick Mean, Joe & Angel Micarelli, Kay Moss, Jack Nork, Anna Pearson, Sofia Poonawala, Kori & Kyle Rathbun, Deb & Mark Robinson, Kristy Robinson, Cathy Sanders, Tony G. Scida, Matt Smith, Dave & Debbie Steuerwald, Thomas Stumpf, Peter & Ann Swanson, Kathleen & Scott Taggersell, Eva Walsh, Ruby Sarah Wilkinson, and Mardie Womeldorf.


released October 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Clara Berry Boston, Massachusetts

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